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Special Offer, Discount Prices for Volume Orders on Electronic Components

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Parts on this page include parts just in or parts on special offer. The parts are on offer are for OEM's, Manufauteres, Distributors looking large quantity orders. We regret that we are unable to supply parts from this page in 1 off or small quantities.

A minimum order of £ 500.00 for UK customers and Approx USD 800.00 for USA and other Countries abroad.

If you arrived at this page from a Search Engine and the part is no longer on the list below then you can try looking in the alphabetical list below.

For example for 74HC32 click on the page 7 xxx

Remember we have access to many parts not on the pages shown. So contact us with any requirements that you have.

Even if the part is obsolete and no longer on the list below, let us know. We have fresh stocks of parts that are obsolete offered to us on a daily basis.

PartNumber = Manufacture's part Number
Mfr = Manufacturer, Often abbreviated i.e. AD or ADI =Analog Devices
Qty = 50,000 means Fifty Thousand Parts Avaiable
Delivery = Approx Delivery Times
Price = Prices of components may go up or down quite quickly. The Price shown is our sell price when we put the parts on this page. In most cases the price will be unchanged while the offer shown. Often when parts are sold, we able to obtain more parts. However price variations are common between suppliers.

USD = Prices shown in American Dollars for the full qty advertised. In some circumstances higher prices may apply to smaller quantities.

When contacting us, always quote "chips2ship specials" to receive these discount prices.....

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21154BC               INTEL         500        2-10 Days, USD 48.00

AD694AR               AD            500        2-10 Days, USD 28.00

ADS774JP              BB          2,000        2-10 Days, USD 16.65

AM29F010B-70JC        AMD        50,000        2-10 Days,  USD 6.00

AM29F040B-120JC       AMD        12,000        2-10 Days,  USD 2.95

BB405B                           12,000        2-10 Days,  USD 0.65

CS4955-CQ                         6,000        2-10 Days,  USD 2.00

CY7C291A-50WMB        CYPRESS        80        2-10 Days, USD 37.00

CY7C291-50DMB         CYPRESS        20        2-10 Days, USD 35.00

DA28F320J5120         INTEL       9,000        2-10 Days,  USD 9.00

DA28F640J5150         INTEL       9,000        2-10 Days,  USD 9.80

DS1232LPS-2           DALLAS      2,800        2-10 Days,  USD 1.40

E28F128J3A-150        INTEL         900        2-10 Days, USD 23.00

GP1S94                SHARP       7,000        2-10 Days,  USD 0.65

HY57V653220BTC-7      HY         25,000        2-10 Days,  USD 3.80

JTLAG-DC15V           MATSUSHITA    500        2-10 Days,  USD 4.80

JTLAG-DC48V           MATSUSHITA    500        2-10 Days,  USD 4.80

LTC1736CG             LTC         9,400        2-10 Days,  USD 5.50

LTC485CS8             LTC        25,000        2-10 Days,  USD 2.91

M27C512-12F1          STM        10,000        2-10 Days,  USD 1.25

MAX1705EEE            MAX        21,000        2-10 Days,  USD 2.75

MAX7219CNG            MAX        29,000        2-10 Days,  USD 4.82

MC33202DR2            MOT        48,000        2-10 Days,  USD 0.45

PC355NT               SHARP      12,000        2-10 Days,  USD 0.29

PIC16C56A-04/P        MICROCHIP  15,000        2-10 Days,  USD 1.20
            Min Order * * * 1,000 pieces on this part * * *

SED1335FOA            EPSON        2000        2-10 Days,  USD 7.00

SED1520DOA            EPSON        1000        2-10 Days,  USD 2.00

SED1520DOA            SEIKO        1000        2-10 Days,  USD 2.00

SSM2017P              AD            300        2-10 Days, USD 18.29

STV5730A  (Obsolete)  SGS        50,000        2-10 Days,  USD 6.00

TC58128FT             TOSHIBA     5,000        2-10 Days, USD 12.00
not recommended for new design


 The parts above may be of interest to companies like OEM, MFR, DISTRIBUTOR looking for large quantities

If your looking for cost cutting or saving then the parts above are a cheap alternative, allowing you to save on distrubutor pricing. discount price are available on other parts where high quantities are required.