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We ask when possible,
to contact us by Email at

Techrem Limited
The Old Forge
Nuneham Courtenay
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Tel 01865 343951

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Exchanging Links

We are more than happy to exchange links with companies that have sites related to Electronic Components, Modules and Electronic Products for sale.

Simply send us an email to


Make sure you include the full web address that you would like us to link to. Include a brief description of your site.

Also let us know the web page that will link back to our site.

Page with RFID tags at 125Khz Low cost RFID tags

Check out the website at .

Click on the Blue for a Electronic Voting System ... These voting systems are also called Audience Response Systems or an Audience Keypad Yystem,

If you have a commercial project and you need to build a video link in then you need 2.4Ghz Video/Audio Link Modules

Full data sheets and technical information can be found at 2.4Ghz Module Technical

When you are building a new project how do you get a smart case without paying thousands of pounds for tooling?

Well you can buy Remote Control Handset Mouldings complete with battery compartments. But if you are to busy to build from scratch, or don't have the technical resources then click here for Remote Control's as used by OEM's and Manufacture's
You can also buy Custom Decoder Chips. So if you need to control Transistors, Motors, RS232 then a custom chip will do all the work for you.

You can control hardware including a PC from a IR Handset using a Infra Red to RS232 Interface, but you may have to write some software if you have applications to run.

Companies making Remote's in big numbers may find a Windows IR Remote Control Tester useful.

You can test your product so you know your customer gets what he expects.

If you can't be bothered with a PC to test you remote then a simple IR Remote Control Handset Tester will be all you need.
Just plug it in and a large 1" display will confirm each button as it pressed on the handset.

How do you test a Remote Car Door Fob ? Click below for a handheld RF and IR Remote and FOB Tester

Click here for Hand Held IR & RF Handset Tester at

Audience Research, what is your audience thinking....